Build Your Own Patio Furniture: But Right!

Garden furniture is usually the central element of the garden. It invites you to relax on it, to sit with friends, to organize parties or just to give the garden that certain something. This is why garden furniture is also very popular and is generally not cheap, if you want to buy quality, that survives some summers. The other option is to build your own patio furniture.

Due to the rather high acquisition costs of the furniture for the garden, more and more artisan people are getting ready to build themselves own patio furniture. But is that actually cheaper?

Which knowledge and which tools you must or should have? And from which materials you should build your garden furniture appropriately, so that you can enjoys it for a long time?

Patio furniture – DIY is very popular

Everyone who has his own garden will test it sooner or later – his craftsmanship. More and more people are using their free time to do handcraft work, and does it always have to be perfect?

Who builds his own furniture for the garden usually wants to stand out from the crowd, from the machine and perfectly crafted furniture.

Thus, it is clear that your own ability can keep you within manageable limits, as long as it is fun and you are even satisfied with the work in the end. In addition, it is the case that the purchase of the finished garden furniture would quickly break bigger holes in the budget. That’s where DIY really comes into its own cost savings.

Build your own patio furniture?

Everybody who gets his ideas for garden furniture from the designer areas of the garden centers and DIY stores, should be aware of the fact, that to produce such a piece of furniture in own contribution is almost impossible, unless you are a cabinet maker. Here, the costs would certainly be on a level with the purchase of a finished product.

What prices for the wood you have to expect?

For example, if you want to build a garden table with a footprint of 100 x 100 centimeters, you will have to pay around 60 to 70 dollars for the top, and for the substructure and legs about 40 to 50 dollars.

In other words, a unique and individual table would cost just over $100 made of real wood! As a rule of thumb, we can say that who builds his own garden furniture, can save up to 50 percent of the purchase price in the shop.

Which wood should be used for garden furniture?

Every garden furniture should and must be build up in such way, that it can be left outside in the rain. Therefore, it is important to pay attention that it is weather resistant. In the store you can buy wood, that is perfect for use in the garden.

This includes:

  • Teaks
  • Acacia wood
  • Robinia

All of the above wood species are perfectly usable in the garden. And of course, wood can also be mixed. This means that more noble types of wood are used for the visible parts and for less visible substructures it may then also be cheaper softwood. These include fir and spruce.

Which tools are necessary?

Every hobby craftsman knows that without the right tool, little or nothing comes together, and the construction of your own garden furniture is no exception. As it is already normal, that in the garden special tools are used.

From the leaf vacuum to the cordless hedge trimmer. But what tools do you need for DIY garden furrniture?

  • Table saw
  • Drill

A table saw with a stop, this allows you to build even complex furniture, and a drill with wood drills is also recommended.

But how do you connect the wood? Screws? Or the traditional way of wood joints? The wood connection in the traditional way is visually the icing on the cake, but also requires a bit of manual skill.

If you build your furniture with this kind of “invisible connection”, you can create a piece of furniture, that you can truly be proud of.